13 MultiVitamin is your daily essential tablet for active individuals, that helps to boost your immunity, increase your physical endurance & to keep you at your peak mental performance.

Be the best you, every day.

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MultiVitamins A - Z with Ginseng

MultiVitamins A - Z with Ginseng

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What's Inside

60 TABLETS packing a mighty punch with all your A - Z vitamins & minerals + Ginseng for an energy boost!


Take 2 tablets every morning after breakfast to get you Up & Going!

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  • Daily Essentials

    13 MultiVitamin is packed with all the micronutrients of vitamins & minerals to keep your body & mind at it's peak performance & helps you to be the best you, everyday!

  • Vitamins A - Z

    13 MultiVitamin is scientifically formulated to provide you with all your daily essentials. It has a complete Vitamin A - Z profile that’s proven to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp.

  • Body & Mind

    13 MultiVitamin was created with the everyday, active individual in mind. Boasting a perfect balance of micronutrients to help improve your physical endurance and mental performance.

  • Ginseng

    Ginseng is a powerful herb extract that has proven to help improve brain functions like memory, behavior and mood, that keeps you sharp and at peak mental performance.


The Why

Why Should You Use 13 MultiVitamins?

Why Should You Use 13 MultiVitamins?

13 MultiVitamin was scientifically formulated with the everyday active individual in mind. Packed with a complete Vitamin A - Z profile, loaded with antioxidants and added Ginseng, you are getting everything your body needs to start your day!

Immune Booster:

No matter the season, we need to keep our immune systems strong so they can fight off infection! Our 13 MultiVitamin keeps you fighting fit with antioxidants and vital minerals like Iron, Selenium, and Zinc that boost your body's immune functions.

Physical Endurance:

We’ve included ginseng, a powerful herb, in our 13 MultiVitamin that helps to increase oxygen supply and vitality in your body!  13 MultiVitamin is also packed with B- Vitamins and Iron to help you maintain physical energy throughout the day.

Mental Performance:

13 Multivitamin has a perfect blend of micronutrients like ginseng, antioxidants, and minerals that have been proven to help increase mental performance and keep you sharp! 

How Do I Know If I Need a MultiVitamin?

If you answer “yes” to any of these, you need 13 MultiVitamins!

- Are you an active individaul ?

- Do need some extra energy to get you through the day ?

- Is your health important to you ?

- Do you need some extra help to boost your immunity ?

- Do you need a mental boost to keep you focused on the task at hand ?

Well it's simple, your health is your wealth!

What's actually inside

The What

Nutrition Facts