If you’re an athlete, performer, hard-worker, gamer, drinker, coffee-smasher & a go-getter, this stat could include you! 13 Hydrating Electrolytes helps you to optimize your performance, fight fatigue & helps you to replenish what gets lost while you hit your goals!


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Hydrating Electrolytes + BCAA's

Hydrating Electrolytes + BCAA's

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What's Inside

330g of your favourite flavour Electrolyte Powder

That's 33 (10g) servings / or 16.5L of hydrating electrolytes

10g scoop to get you mixing it up with 500ml cold water

Texture & Taste

You are going to love this! We made sure that you'll love the flavours without it being overpowering and too sweet!

Shaken or stirred! 13 Electrolyte powder will mix easy & taste like flavoured water & easy to drink... while you are smashing out a workout or getting in your daily hydration.


Take one scoop (10g) and add it to 350 - 500ml of cold water.

SHAKEN NOT STIRRED - Shake for 10 seconds in shaker. 

Enjoy 13 Hydrating Electrolytes anytime of the day! Whether that's during your morning routine, your evening workout, a school run, or post-workout for optimal recovery!

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  • Helps You Stay In The Fat Burning Zone

    13 Hydrating Electrolytes are naturally sweetened with stevia + erythritol.

    Natural sweeteners allow you to enjoy a great tasting Hydrating Electrolyte drink without increasing your blood sugar levels and spiking your insulin. When we have sugar, our insulin levels spike, and our bodies switch to glucose metabolism - burning glucose for energy. So, to prevent this, we use sweeteners that keep your insulin levels low, which means that your body switches to fat metabolism - burning fat for energy instead!

  • Increases Cardiovascular Endurance

    A study found that athletes who replaced the sodium they lost in their sweat finished a middle distance triathlon an average of 26 minutes faster than those who didn’t - that’s a significant boost in performance! We’ve made sure that 13 Hydrating Electrolytes contain the perfect amount of sodium. Sodium boosts your blood plasma volume. The more blood you have, the less strain on your cardiovascular system as it works to deliver oxygen to your muscles, and dissipate heat to cool you down when you’re working hard!

  • Prevents Muscle Cramping

    To this day, athletes and coaches alike preach the practice of eating a banana post-workout – and with good reason! Bananas are full of potassium - an essential mineral that we’ve included in 13 Hydrating Electrolytes - which plays a significant role in how your muscles contract & relax, enabling you to train harder. When ingested after strenuous exercise, potassium ensures proper recovery and prevents excessive cramping. In addition, potassium ions play a huge part in healthy brain activity and promote higher brain functionality!

  • Decreases Muscle Soreness

    We’ve put magnesium in our product because it’s an essential mineral that plays a vital role in the health of our bones and our muscles. It eases tense muscles and helps them to relax. After strenuous exercise, inflammation and lactic acid cause your muscles to become inflamed and sore. Magnesium is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory benefits and its ability to block lactic acid in your muscles, making your recovery process smoother and less painful.

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The Why


Electrolytes support everything from your muscle function to regulating fluid balance to immune function and cell growth in your body.

Most sports drinks are loaded with sugar, causing your blood sugar to spike and crash, But 13 Hydrating Electrolytes have zero sugar, plus they’re loaded with essential minerals like sodium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium that your body loses through sweat.

Sodium aids in the absorption of nutrients in your gut, maintaining cognitive function, nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction. But, from an athletes point of view at least, perhaps the most critical function it plays is in helping you maintain a fluid balance in your body.

Sodium boosts your blood plasma volume. The more blood you have, the less strain on your cardiovascular system as it works to deliver oxygen to your muscles. Basically, sodium’s pretty important if you want to maintain your performance when it counts.

Potassium Potassium, just like sodium, plays a significant role in muscular contractions & relaxations (thus enabling you to train hard). It ensures proper recovery when ingested after strenuous exercise, and prevents excessive cramping due to electrolyte balance.

In addition, potassium ions have a huge part in healthy brain activity and promote cognitive functionality (leading a potentially greater mind/muscle connection while training).

Magnesium is vital for the conversion of glycogen to glucose – the body’s main fuel during exercise. Without sufficient levels the body switches to anaerobic metabolism resulting in a build up of lactic acid and associated muscle soreness and spasms.

Magnesium together with calcium is essential for optimal muscle function. A deficiency in magnesium can result in muscle and nerve twitches, spasms and cramping. Having sufficient magnesium helps speed up recovery, reduce fatigue and avoid injuries.

Calcium in addition to being important for strong bones,calcium is required for muscle contraction. Without enough calcium you may experience muscle cramps.


These are the signs that you haven't put back into your body what you’ve lost!

- Lack of energy and increased fatigue

- Feeling nauseous or like you haven't eaten enough

- Post-workout headaches

- Continuous muscle cramps

- Acute dizziness

- Abnormal heart rhythm

What's actually inside

The What


In Every 10g Scoop you have the perfect balance of Electrolytes to keep you moving for longer!!

- Sodium to increase fluid & electrolyte absorption, and help to regulate muscle contraction and prevent muscle cramps.

- Potassium to improve your muscle endurance by increasing your body's efficiency transporting oxygen to your muscles.

- Magnesium to increase vasodilation which increases blood flow to your muscles.

- Calcium in addition to being important for strong bones,calcium is required for muscle contraction. Without enough calcium you may experience muscle cramps.

- Zinc is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that helps to shield your cells from the free radicals that would otherwise cause them to deteriorate.

- Added Vegan BCAA's are essential to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, that helps you build and maintain muscle

- HMB HMB is an active metabolite of leucine that reduces muscle protein breakdown. It has an anticatabolic role to help maintian muscle mass.

- Inulin is a gluten free probiotic fibre that helps with digestion and gut health.

- No Sugar to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels consistant.