This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, to really help people to understand why some proteins are better then others a.k.a why some brands are premium & others are cheap. I’m not talking great branding or big marketing budgets, I’m talking facts… this is money well spent vs. this is a purchase you should reconsider.



This blog is not to look down on other brands, but to help you ( the customer ) to understand that buying cheap might just be more expensive… let me explain.


A cup of cow's milk has 8 grams of milk protein and a cup of soy milk has 8 grams of soy protein. The same amount of protein, however, does not equate to the same amount of muscle gain or recovery.

Here’s why:

For muscle gain & recovery there are 3 essentials we look at:

  •  1.The protein bioavailability 
  •  2.The amino acid profile
  •  3.The leucine content

In this blog we will take some time on point 1:

1.The protein bioavailability

Cow’s milk has an high digestibility of 98% and the utilisation of its protein is 82%, that means 6,6g of the 8g of protein will be used by your body for muscle gains and recovery.

Soy milk has an high digestibility of 94% and the utilisation of its protein is 61%, that means 4,9g of the 8g of protein will be used by your body for muscle gains and recovery.

In essence, you may need to consume more soy to reach your protein goals for muscle recovery compared to cow's milk. You want between 20g - 30g of protein per serving to initiate muscle protein synthesis.

Think of this scenario:

The protein you buy is very affordable, this means the quality of protein in there will be very cheap, THEREFORE you need to take bigger quantities to get to your protein goals, so you end up buying more on a monthly basis, it ends up costing your more, you and up ingesting more, this might mean more calories…

A premium whey protein like 13 Pure Whey has a blend of 85% and 95% protein content (concentrate and isolate) which means you are getting quality protein with a high bioavailability, saving you money, lowering your calories and putting your muscle growth and recovery first.


This is a world first when it comes to a plant protein with the same bioavailability as whey protein.

We have sourced an incredible product from France that takes normal plant protein utilisation of between 40% - 65% , to our goal of 80%. Our 13 vegan protein is a premium protein , with a complete amino acid profile & the highest bioavailability of all plant proteins.

Make sure to catch our next blog as we go into depth on 2.The amino acid profile & 3.The leucine content.


Wessel - CEO & FOUNDER

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