Getting the most out of your Protein ?


There’s a lot to be said about protein, how much do I need?, when to take it, what products are the best? I’m here to answer some questions!!!


Let’s start with WHEN to take protein?

The go-to is 30 minutes post workout,  called the “anabolic window”




What is more important is getting your daily intake !! ( say it louder for the people in the back).

Consistently getting your daily protein in means you are building lean muscle & your recovery will be optimal.




It’s simple.Think every 4 hours!


MPS ( Muscle Protein Synthesis ) get stimulated through Leucine in your protein! When you have 20 - 30g complete protein at a sitting,  you’’ll have enough to Leucine to take MPS over the edge. Once it’s spiked you there’s a refractory period of 4 hours where you cannot spike MPS.


So for optimal performance, gains & recovery, you need to get at least 3g of Leucine from your protein, every 4 hours over your 16 hours day!


Perfect Protein Plan:

1 - Get enough protein per meal (20 - 30g) Our Vegan Pea Protein has 22g* per serving 

2 - Go high protein every 4 hours to spike MPS , our Whey has 25g of Protein perfect for MPS 

3 - Thats 3 meals plus 2 extra shakes or high protein snack. Simple. 

4 - Think…. 1. breakfast / 2. post workout /  3. Lunch / 4. dinner / 5. before bed 


PS. eat healthy & supplement where you fall short!

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