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5 THINGS "NOT" TO DO IN 2023 !!


The interesting thing about the human mind is that it is better at solving problems than it is continuing on the same thought patterns without being challenged! Our brains don’t want to be told what to do… it wants to know what not to do and then figure out the best way to do it better… yes we were wonderfully created.

Armed with this new knowledge it makes sense why 99% of us fail our New Years resolutions before we even started ;) We aren’t going to win just telling ourselves we will do it... so lets go for the Anti New Years Resolutions & see if the challenge will get our minds in the game for 2023 …


1.Don’t be ready, before you start!
If you are waiting to be ready, here’s the news… you never will. Just get started! Everyone needs to start somewhere. I remember joining our gym 8 years after a shoulder injury, I always thought I first have to go do rehab then this, then that… then I’ll start! 

I'm glad I didn’t wait… I started not able to do 10 pushups, I scaled my workouts for 12 months, worked on my weaknesses and kept improving everyday! Just go do it!

2. Don’t do this alone 

Accountability is key! For me personally I don’t have the discipline to get up and go do what I need to everyday without accountability. That’s why I love my Crossfit classes, your coach keeps you accountable, the programming is done, the workout is on the board… all I need to do is show up and do the work.

To double up we invited some friends to sign up with us, so we aren’t suffering alone ;) its been the best decision we made this decade.

3.Don’t start out guns blazing

Most people end up giving up because they have burnt all their energy and passion in that first 2 workouts. You went guns blazing, now you are tired, stiff all over and not keen to go back tomorrow… yes we’ve all been there.

It’s about consistency not intensity! Your body will take about 6 weeks to adapt to new training, so don’t overdo it, listen to your body & come back tomorrow, its about getting 1% better everyday for the next 10 years, not 10 days.

4.Don’t change your whole life

Make small changes not life altering changes. Most people fail because they try and change everything in one foul swoop. 

To change your health tomorrow, start with a healthy breakfast, or start walking around the block, maybe in 2 weeks start jogging it, then add a healthy lunch 3 weeks later… you see what we are doing… 4 months in you are eating 2 healthy meals and running 2km’s a day, now you can add & improve. Don’t try it all the first week, work it into your rhythms and routines.

5.Don’t set goals

Goals are great, but just setting them alone makes most of think we have won the battle, NO this is just the beginning & your brain is already celebrating the win… you wrote down goals.

Goals are great,  but forming new habits even better. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, once it’s a habit you don’t have to think of it anymore, it’s now part of your playbook.

You don’t want to be overweight? … get in the habit of eating wholefoods & drinking more water… new habit

You don’t want to be unfit?… start a new habit of moving for 30 minutes everyday… new habit

You don’t want to drink every night?… stop stocking wine at home… and start having tea before bed.

You don’t want to only sleep 6 hours a night?… turn off your phone after 7PM, read a book, go to bed early… 

Your new habits will inform your real goals!

Wessel Coetzee 

Co-Founder & CEO of 13 Nutrition Collection


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